Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Talk Talk - Desire

My old car really is on it's last legs, it spends more time languishing on the pavement than burning up the strip. What the hell it's had some great times, some fine times. Could things get any better? Was it going to have one last triumphant and earth-shaking moment. I began to doubt it but then... but then...

I went to a jumble sale and bought some cassettes for 20p each. For the car you know. A little bit o' Frankie, Macca, The Carpenters 'Greatest Hits' (and they really were great, that Karen's voice. As clear as a glass of water. "Every sha-la-la-la-lah every whoa-whoa yeah still shines." Hey 'Yesterday Once More' it all ties in!) Anyway the other cassette was Natural History - The Very Best Of Talk Talk. I got it for 'I Believe In You' which is one of those songs that can fix me to the ground stock still, immobile, dunce! Drink wine (a fair amount) then stick it on. Fucking ghosts everywhere! Amazing.

Anyway. Rain, rain, rain all weekend, on/off, off/on. You get your coat on it starts to drizzle, you look out of the window it begins to pour, nothing major just a bit rubbish, a bit boring. So I went out in the car not much to do and nowhere to go just spluttering along, I stuck the Talk Talk tape in and after a fluctuant start 'Desire' warped into earshot. The hubbub of the road seemed to fade away, the rain almost stopped, It was dynamite!

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