Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Power Station

Kraftwerk - Strom

Hütter and Schneider. Where would we be without Hütter and Schneider? Where would 'music' be? Where would I be, now that's the question.

This album came out in 1971 and was the music I was conceived to and today's WNR auricular prize 'Strom' (stream, electric current) was the one. You know.

Don't expect any of the Man-Machine/Computer World/Robotic histrionics, in fact don't expect any synths. This is weighty and sombre guitar, anesthetising flute, thick bass and layers and layers of tape manipulation.

In some respects it's sad but Kraftwerk consider this album as 'archaeology' a stepping-stone to the electronic music they would later pioneer. This is why it has never had a proper reissue (except bootleg CDs on the Germanofon label) and no material from this album has been performed in the band's live set since the Autobahn tour of 1975. It's my favourite album of theirs however, it'd have to be, it's in my DNA.

Old Krafty Weatherall sampled second track off this LP 'Atem' for the finest seven and a half minutes of Primal Scream ever on 'Higher Than The Sun'. So there you go.

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