Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Head To Toe

'FULL FORCE'. They're big fellas aren't they, a 7ft wall of sarcous-linebacker and their names, they have ace names to boot. Bowlegged Lou, B-Fine, Baby Gerry, Shy-Shy, Curt-T-T oh yeah and Paul Anthony. But it's the very utterance of the words 'FULL FORCE' though, WOW! that's a punch in the chops isn't it. It falls out of your throat, it's a powerhouse, it's pizzazz, it's too strong. I just love the words 'FULL FORCE'. In times of distress, just whisper it under your breath. It's a call to arms, a battle-cry. You Win Again!

'FULL FORCE' then, what do I know about 'FULL FORCE'? Ah yes 'FULL FORCE' were the baddies in 'House Party' yes that 'House Party' with Kid n'Play. My hair is very much like Christopher "Kid" Reid's by the by and it's called a 'high top fade'. 'FULL FORCE' sing the backing vocals on Bob Dylan's "Death Is Not The End" from the Infidels Sessions.

Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam (another great combination of words) with 'Head To Toe' is a song written and produced by 'FULL FORCE'. I pondered on posting 'I Wonder If I Take You Home' but plumped for this gem instead. It's the drums. Big synthesupersized drums. Like 'Human' by Human League the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis DX-7 masterpiece. They alternate between being all skippy and then trying to knock you off of your feet. What more is there to say? I don't know... 'FULL FORCE' also wrote and produced for Samantha Fox.

'I Wonder If I Take You Home' video.

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