Friday, January 19, 2007

In the bleak mid-nineties

Quickspace - Rise

Compiling a top ten list of 2006 for this blog turned out to be a pointless activity. Tight fisted by nature, I refuse to spend more than £5 on a record, though in truth I get narked if I have to fork out more than £2.70. New releases and contemporary sounds are forbidden to me, and I spend my days clogging charity shops aisles and second hand racks, buying records I missed the first time around, now lurking in obscurity.

Quickspace, then, and 1996. What was I doing in 1996? Can’t remember. The entire year gone from memory. What I do remember is hearing Quickspace before ‘Rise’ came out. It was winter at the end of 1995, forever night time and we, I think, perpetually drunk and smoking Regals. Liam returned from a weekend in Newcastle with a cassette he claimed had been given to him by a dancing Chinese man. It had ‘Superplus’ by Quickspace on it and it was the best 15 minutes I had ever heard.

I don’t know what ‘Rise’ sounded like in comparison to the rest of 1996’s musical output, which I can’t recall, but I can have a guess. It probably sounded like a revelation. So why didn’t I listen to this at the time, and why didn’t you tell me about it? I blame you for this oversight. I saw you, in 1996 – you were wearing John Lennon’s specs, drinking lemon Hooch and putting your fists through window panes to romance women. It worked too. I saw you staggering off together into the gloom and streetlights. I never cared. They weren’t the sort of girls that listened to Quickspace.

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