Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You're barmy that's what you are

Flowered Up - Weekender

Yes the full 12:57 version! Bye bye bandwidth...

So here we are again at the start of another year. Would you believe that this song came out nearly fifteen years ago. How time flies eh. Much has been said about this song and video as they are both vital snapshots of an age long since passed. I remember the hype before 'It's On' came out and then the massive disappointment when it did. 'What? better than the Monday's' heh heh! There were another couple of singles neither of which seemed to go anywhere/do anything but then out of the blue... this.

What? Flowered Up? How comes. Is this is the very pinnacle of 'Baggy'? Do you reckon? 'Fools Gold' No thanks... but this.

So last year we had the bud of 'Nu-Rave' blossoming (thanks Klaxons) and everything has gone a bit day-glo really. With the eternal recycling of genres/times/music/fashion/life I can only predict for 2007 that we'll be seeing the re-birth of 'Baggy'. Please God NOOOOOO! Yes you heard it here first. Mika watch out sunny-jim your Freddie tribute might not be the only spectacular around the corner. The slouch of big trousers will eradicate those skinny jeans (thanks Doherty) from the high-street. It'll be Reni hats and smiley faces from here to eternity. Ahh the comfort of a wide-legged jean, bliss, the uniform of the thirtysomething bloke. Paunch - check.

Flowered Up are back! MySpace.
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Weekender Video pt. 2.
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