Thursday, August 10, 2006

We're Just Monkeys With iPods

Akira the Don ft. Bashy - Clones (Feedle Remix)

Isn’t it nice when two things you like come together to make one extra special thing? Like when they started putting jam in Wagon Wheels. This combo isn’t edible, but two of my very favourite musical hombres have collided, as former SVC Records affiliate and adopted son of Sheffield, Feedle, has done a remix of Akira the Don’s ‘Clones’.

I’m finding it rather difficult to say anything about this, other than reeling off a list of giddy superlatives that will end up making me look foolish and place a lot of pressure on the song in question to live up to the stream of excited verbiage I leave in my wake. Feedle and Akira are both capable of cramming more ideas into three minutes than most artists manage in a lifetime, and this remix is packed to overflowing and ready to burst all over your computer. Feedle’s odd melodic noise transforms the Don and Bashy’s raps into a thrilling mess quite unlike anything I have heard this year.

It’s unofficial in that Akira doesn’t know it exists, but hopefully he will find it and listen to it and love it. It’s another exclusive for the blog, so spread the word.

Visit Akira the Don's website and make sure you download his latest mixtape 'Ninja Babies Are The Future' 'cause it's absolutely brilliant! Befriend him at My Space
Visit Feedle's website and My Space
Watch the video for 'Clones' here