Monday, November 27, 2006

Apocalypse No

Ram Trilogy - System Error (Y2K)

Can you remember the months before the beginning of the new millennium? It was a weird time. There was a palpable sense of tension everywhere you went. The dawning of a new millennium isn’t something that everyone gets to witness in their lifetime so the media hype machine went into overdrive. There was an overriding feeling that maybe we were approaching an apocalyptic D-Day and at the forefront of it all was the talk of some kind of mass computer meltdown. When the date rolled from 1999 to 2000 there was going to be a vast global system error and all computers everywhere would crash. Planes would fall from the sky. Entire cities would be plunged into darkness, sending drunken revellers on unprecedented looting sprees. Electrical faults would cause fires, burning buildings to the ground. Bank accounts would be wiped as hackers took advantage of the situation. Mighty shit would hit the fan…

Nah, not really. As we all know, absolutely nothing of interest happened. It all passed off without the slightest hitch. Unless you were down at the River Thames like I was, waiting for the WALL OF FIRE, which ended up as a pathetic blue flicker of flame, a bit like when you light a weak fart. The fireworks were good though. ‘System Error (Y2K)’ is an audio representation of what might have been. Recorded in 1999 by Ram Trilogy (aka drum'n'bass stalwarts Andy C, Ant Miles and Shimon), the opening Bukem-esque gentle twinkling effects are a misnomer, as an apocalyptic sounding voice announces the end of 1999 and drum beats that sound like the police kicking your door down storm in, accompanied by the gnarliest, growlingest bassline you ever did hear. This is nasty darkstep. Not much else happens, but it doesn’t really need to. The scene is set for bassbin carnage. So set volume levels to KILL and try and work out where the last six years have gone…

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