Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Radical Piano

Radicalfashion - Suna

Radicalfashion is the work of Hirohito Ihara, a musician hailing from Kobe in Japan. His debut album ‘Odori’ mixes abstract sound collages that wouldn’t sound out of place accompanying an installation in the Tate Modern’s vast Turbine Hall, with sophisticated piano pieces, influenced by M. Ravel. Describing his piano playing style, Ihara says he “…likes gentle notes created by striking piano keys softly.” This subtle touch is present throughout, and gives the whole album a measured and thoughtful aura. ‘Suna’ demonstrates Ihara’s skills to stunning effect; a rippling, dreamy piano composition, which dissolves into a haunting string passage. It’s a bit like the musical equivalent of the between-course dishes served at really posh restaurants to cleanse the palate in preparation for heavier, more flavoursome foods. The songs are sparse and uncluttered, leaving the listener with plenty of room to formulate their own ideas around the music. But don’t be deceived - 'Odori' is definitely not just an album to be played at Wire journalist’s cheese and wine parties - it is thoroughly accessible, with captivating melodies that draw you in from the off. ‘Odori’ is released in the UK by Chicago’s Hefty Records on 12/02/07 and is well worth picking up, particularly for anyone who enjoyed Gonzales’ 'Solo Piano' and the prepared piano pieces from Aphex Twin’s 'Drukqs'.

Pre-order 'Odori' from Norman Records
Radicalfashion at the Hefty Records website
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