Monday, February 26, 2007

Music For A Restless Sleep

The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
U.N.K.L.E. - An Eye For An Eye

I am in another place, another world maybe. It doesn’t feel right. The balls of my feet have tensed right up, and my fists follow suit. Shadows dance around me, and my senses are heightened by the paranoia sapping at my soul. I have no choice. I start to run. Run as if my life depends on it. I glance over my shoulder; hoards of people, all seemingly armed, and all chasing me. But why me? What do they want? What have I done?

I was running faster than I thought I ever could, but as they got closer and closer, I could almost feel them clawing at my back. They were everywhere and I couldn’t stop. “I can run, run, run but I sure can’t hide.” After what seemed like hours of jumping over fences and scaling walls, evading capture by spare seconds or inches, I made it to a remote farmhouse surrounded by trees. I knocked on the door and a beautiful young woman answered. She made me a drink but said very little. I did not need to explain my situation for her to understand that I had obviously been set up. She was on my side. She was stunning to look at, naturally beautiful, and far too good for me. Strands of her long fair hair kept falling across her face, making her smile every time she swept it back behind her ear. She wore a light dress that fitted her slender figure perfectly. Her eyes were filled with compassion, and her gentle hand reached out to comfort me. For some reason she wanted to make everything all right, but I knew that she too was in danger, and I had to run again. I thanked her for looking after me, but our eyes met, and neither of us wanted to look away. She placed her soft hand on my trembling shoulder, and slowly leaned in for a kiss. A kiss would not have been right, and I can’t trust anyone, not even myself it seemed. So I had to run again for hours more, the same fences, the same walls as before, until eventually, I fall, and don’t stop falling for an age.

Another sudden awakening and I was in a cartoon world, like an even more sinister version of the Smurf village. The paranoia again enveloped me as my mind raced with so many unanswerable questions. As I looked around, I saw a cave a few feet away. A clever hiding place or somewhere to go and never come out of? I went in, and the deeper I roamed, the lighter the cave got, eventually revealing a grizzly pile of weird looking bodies. However, the bodies were not quite human; they were more see-through, cell-like, and missing their eyes. “What is this? Who’s doing this?” Again, I ran, soon to be chased by bigger versions of the cell creatures, a great evil, and soon I was lucky enough to end up at the same remote farm house to seek sanctuary with the same beautiful young woman who had so entranced me previously. I knocked on the door and as she opened it, I could feel her eagerness. I told her that I didn’t care what I had seen or what I knew. She again looked longingly at me; our lips grew closer together, taking an age to meet. A lingering kiss. A buzzing noise. A bolt of light, and she was gone, gone, gone.

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