Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jackin’ to the Blitzen Remixen

I’ve been rocking to the music of the mysterious Principal Participant for a while now, but he’s been keeping a low profile so you might not have heard of him. In fact, his real identity is still being kept under wraps, but I don’t think I’d be giving too much away to say that it’s the side project of a mythical electronic artist. All will be revealed soon, but you ain’t gonna hear it from me. So, PP is finally sticking his head above the parapet with the release of his debut single ‘Wonderful’, which drops on Monday 23rd July 2007, and has already picked up radio play from Radio 1's Zane Lowe and John Kennedy @ XFm.

PP deals in gloriously funky techno, managing to be minimal and wholesomely tuneful at the same time. A key PP influence is the US Garage producer Todd Edwards, and this is evident in the bumpy, melodic nature of the songs. Check ‘Principles’ on the PP My Space page, which works around a cyclical synth loop and jackin’ percussion. It’s all so simple but as addictive as crack. Every time it surfaces on my iPod, I want to break out into a stupid Crouchy robot dance. It’s properly quality gear.

Blitzen Trapper - Sci-Fi Kid (Principal Participant 'Kingswood' Remix)

As well as releasing his debut single, PP has been busy remixing luminaries from the indie kingdom. His remix of The Cribs’ ‘Men’s Needs’ is apparently available to download, though I can’t find it anywhere. You can listen to an unreleased remix of Bloc Party’s ‘On’ at the aforementioned PP My Space page. However, I’m posting his remix of the Portland, Oregon sextet Blitzen Trapper’s ‘Sci-Fi Kid’, which is taken from their self-released third album ‘Wild Mountain Nation’ (though I’ve heard a rumour that they’ve recently signed to Sub Pop). Blitzen Trapper do a sort of bonkers Pavement-go-bluegrass, with elements of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Beck chucked on the campfire for good measure. PP turns in a clever rework, weaving the acoustic guitars and vocal refrain of the original through an itchy, bleeped-up techno thumper, which should translate brilliantly onto the dancefloor and deliver the band to an entirely new audience.

'Wonderful’ by Principal Participant is released by Part One on 23/07/07 on 12” vinyl, featuring a remix from Ben Fat Trucker on the flip.

Principal Participant at My Space
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