Friday, May 23, 2008

The White Noise Revisited Podcast

Following years of daydreaming, months of planning, weeks in the making and several hours of brow-furrowing techno frustration* to get it up here and (fingers crossed) working properly, I am proud to present the first ever podcast from The White Noise Revisited. We start not with a bang, but with a molten ball of dissonant fuzz, and a theme that is close to our hearts - white noise - delivering a 78-minute sonic excursion into the realms of white noise in all its various forms. Well, I say we, but I just selected a few songs - my talented accomplice Feedle made it sound amazing, mashing the songs together, and incorporating additional frequencies and bursts of noise. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Stay tuned...

If you click on the link below, it should open iTunes and instantly start downloading. Let me know if you encounter any problems...

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The White Noise Revisited Podcast 01:
White Noise Does White Noise

Pavement Intro
Feedle: Keep Driving (Unreleased, 2006)
Fuck Buttons: Sweet Love for Planet Earth (ATP, 2008)
Chris Clark: A Laugh With Hills (Warp Records, 2001)
Deerhunter: Lake Somerset (Kranky, 2007)
Autolux: Sugarless (Full Time Hobby, 2005)
Pan Sonic: Sãrmays (Blast First, 1999)
Ride: European Son (Imaginary Records, 1990)
Flying Saucer Attack: Outdoor Miner (Domino, 1995)
Blur: Essex Dogs (Parlophone, 1997)
Sand: Terminus (Satellite, 1999)
Mogwai: Like Herod - BBC Session (PIAS, 2005)
Spacemen 3: Suicide - Live (Fire Records, 1988)

Devised & compiled by Joe White Noise & Feedle
All mixing, tweaking and additional frequencies by Feedle
A TWNR Podcast 2008: all songs belong to the artists

* Extra special thanks to Jnr. D from for helping me with all things techy - do yourself a favour and go and check out the Radio.Lazy podcasts over on his site. They're awesome - the latest is a Serge Gainsbourg Soundclash!

Joe White Noise.