Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Angry Andrea

Andrea - Temper Tantrum

I can't remember the last time I bought a record on the strength of the cover alone, but while killing time in the record shops of Soho before meeting a friend earlier on this summer, I was immediately drawn to this striking cartoon image of a girl. I think it was the green eyes that sold me. Anyway, minimal label information intrigued me further. I'd never heard of Millie or Andrea before - turns out that's just a pseudonym for high profile dubstep/techno producers MLZ (aka Pendle Coven) and Andy Stott. Both also make brilliant records for Modern Love, the techno label of which Daphne (home to Millie & Andrea) is an offshoot.

Anyway, geeky shit out of the way - what about da muziks? Well, 'Temper Tantrum' (credited to Andrea) is obscenely good. The main problem I've always had with the majority of dubstep is that it is, well, a bit dull. And yes, I'm fully aware that this is as a result of my ignorance of the music itself. I've not heard nearly enough and have never been to a proper dubstep club night (where I'm reliably informed, people smile a lot and go mental) to form a considered opinion. But 'Temper Tantrum' is seriously banging gear, like a much better produced and less busy version of early hardcore rave music. I'm thinking particularly of stuff on Strictly Hardcore, one of the proto-jungle labels, or even early Prodigy. The deep, dark basslines and chopped-up breaks also put me in mind of really early Meat Beat Manifesto.

The flip side, 'Vigilance' (credited to Millie) is even darker - sparse, dubbed-out rimshots and clattering drums and the sort of bowel-loosening low-end bass that makes my cat freeze wherever he is and his eyes bulge even further out of his head than usual. Reminds me a bit of dub techno pioneers Bandulu - remember them?

And the moral of the story is - do judge a book by its cover if the cover is really good. Or something.

Millie & Andrea at Boomkat - all three 12's sold out now - try eBay.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Greedy Ass Fake Bullshit...

Tusken Raiders - The Motorbike Track

Apologies for the massive break in transmission... I suddenly realised that if I didn't slap something down it would be the first month I hadn't posted since I started this blog back in 2006. A sorry state of affairs for sure... If anyone stilll cares, there's loads of music I'd love to post. I just need to get back in the blogging habit.

So let's have some mad love for Mike P and this phenomenal slab of insanecore from 1999 under his Tusken Raiders moniker. I can remember being at the Reading Festival in the same year and stumbling across the man himself tearing the crowd a new asshole in a packed tent in mid-afternoon with this absolutely banging tune - judicious use of the amen break, brutal nu-school dnb breaks, a fat, filthy bassline and a quality hip-hop sample (not sure where it's from). I don't think Mike P has ever got the respect he deserves, purely by dint of not being the Aphex Twin. But he was and is a true pioneer and this tune still sounds different class, ten years on. "Y'all need to knock that shit off...."

Tusken Raiders at bleep.com
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