Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey! What's That Noise?

The Boo Radleys - The White Noise Revisited

So here we are. After a hugely enjoyable stint at the helm of the wondrous Spoilt Victorian Child this is where I find myself. The White Noise Revisited is very much carved in the image of SVC – well, it wasn’t broke, so I ain’t fixed it. I hope most of you will bookmark TWNR and continue to visit for the usual mix of nostalgic trips down memory lane and cutting edge new music, along with a peppering of exclusives and even the occasional interview. At the moment it’s just me, but I am hoping to bring some other writers on board as I know it takes a broad range of musical tastes to keep places like this interesting.

It seems only right that the opening post is accompanied by the song after which this site is named; ‘The White Noise Revisited’ by The Boo Radleys. I bought ‘Giant Steps’ when I moved into my first shared house after being in Halls at college in Bath. I was the first one back after the holidays and spent about five hours on my own waiting for everybody else to arrive. The first thing I did was get out my stereo and put on this album as I unpacked and stuck posters up on my wall. For this reason, I will always associate the album with new beginnings, so it's apt that I should be posting a song from it as I start out on another adventure.

Special thanks must go to KTR for the brilliant site design and all technical assistance, Feedle for the idea, Martin for the song and for saying yes, and not forgetting Simon at Spoilt Victorian Child for letting me squat his site and giving me the inspiration for starting up TWNR. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think of the site and the music that is posted, either by leaving a comment or mailing me directly - there's a contact on the sidebar before the disclaimer. And if you like what you read and hear, remember to spread the word and link to me here. Let me know if I’m not already linking to your site and you would like me to.

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