Saturday, September 09, 2006

Random Scribbles Make Sense In Context

Over on Spoilt Victorian Child we used to have that flashy telly player for when we wanted to show moving pictures. Unfortunately, this is my gaff, so I'm having to make to with embedding the You Tube player so you can get a peek of the video for the new Field Music single. Field Music made one of my favourite albums of last year with their eponymous debut, and the second album 'Tones of Town' is due to drop in January 2007. 'In Context', released as a limited edition 7" on October 9th, is a brave choice for a single as it opens with drums that sound like they were recorded in my garden shed, is structured in a rather strange way, and ends with a bass solo. But it's a bloody great weird pop song with lovely harmonies and fully endorses that "Wire produced by the Beach Boys" metaphor that's wheeled out to describe what they do. It's a great video with what appears to be random scribbling going down. Wait for the moment when the camera pans out at the end though and all is revealed.

I will be posting an exclusive track from their new album at some point before Christmas so watch this space.

Pre-order 'In Context' from Record Store - you get free badges too!
Field Music website
Field Music at Memphis Industries
Field Music My Space