Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Sun and the Sea

Reload - Le Soleil Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix)

Brrrrrr.... are you cold? It seems like winter has finally arrived so gather round and let's warm our tootsies on this magical slice of electronic goodness. Heavyweights collide as Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton's Reload project gets the remix treatment from Black Dog Productions, back in the days when Ed and Andy from Plaid were still twiddling the knobs. The original track was a moment of lush ambience on Reload's otherwise pounding debut, 'A Collection of Short Stories', and Black Dog added layer upon layer of their trademark wonderful warm and twinkling melodies. Released on the 'Auto Reload Volume Two EP' on Creation Records spin-off Infonet in 1993, the remix was Mark's favourite. I'd have to agree. It's delightful and just what we need to warm us up as the temperature drops and we brace ourselves for the blizzards.

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Search ebay for Reload - the majority of their material is deleted, though there has just been a rerelease on vinyl of some of the early material. Buy from Boomkat
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