Thursday, March 22, 2007

Celebrating 100 Posts With Some Alpine Techno

Hey-O-Hansen - Moon

This is our 100th post, a landmark that deserves a very special song and I think this more than fits the bill. 'Moon' by Hey-O-Hansen sounds unlike anything you've ever heard before, unless you inhabit a strange world where the standard music is traditional gypsy accordion folk cross-bred with thunderous dub techno. And if indeed you do, invite me over, I bet it's great! Hey-O-Hansen are a genre-busting Berlin based collective who continually defy categorisation, though they opt for "charming afro-alpine dubstep band", which works for me. 'Moon' was part of a series of six 12"'s they released on their own Hey Rec imprint, which have recently been collected together and released on CD. The first time I heard this song, my mind collapsed under the weight of its sheer brilliance. The flip-side of the 12 featured a remix from Thaddi Herrmann, which was described by Boomkat as an "unlikely blend of minimal jacking Chicago acid and Alpine folk, sort of like Mr Fingers with accordions!" I don't really know what else I can say that can add to the experience of cranking up the volume on this killer track and involuntarily busting out some bizarre Russian-style kossack dancing in appreciation of the crazyness that unfolds. Even my cat loves this one, cementing its place as one of the greatest 12"'s that currently resides in my collection. Here's to the next 100 posts. Thanks for reading and listening and keep buying the records and supporting the artists.

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