Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life Moves Pretty Fast

A couple of pure gems this morning, released on labels run by the pioneering producer and DJ LTJ Bukem. Call it artcore, call it ambient jungle or intelligent drum’n’bass, call it what you want – these songs are simply sublime and they both featured on Bukem’s seminal compilation, ‘Logical Progression’, which was released in 1996 and defined the genre. They were also anthems at the influential London club night Speed, which ran at the Mars Bar off Charing Cross Road during the mid-1990s.

PFM - One & Only

PFM stands for Progressive Future Music and ‘One & Only’ was released in 1995 on Looking Good Records, a sub label of Bukem’s Good Looking Records. This is perfect Sunday morning music; a dreamy, hypnotic and gorgeous 10 minutes of lush, deep bass, graceful beats, atmospheric synth washes and a spellbinding female vocal. An absolutely timeless classic, with a bassline that was voted as the fourth best in Stylus Magazine’s Top 10.

The Chameleon - Links

Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard recorded under many guises, including Reload and Jedi Knights, and they were obscenely prolific during the mid-1990s, releasing quality tune after quality tune. Under the Chameleon alias, they produced this sensational slab of drum'n’bass in 1995. ‘Links’ is a reworked version of ‘Amazon Amenity (Chameleon Remix)’, which featured on ‘The Theory of Evolution’ compilation, released on Warp, and on the ‘Artcore’ compilation on React. It includes the “Life moves pretty fast…” dialogue, sampled from Matthew Broderick’s monologue to camera at the end of John Hughes’s classic film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’. ‘Links’ is harder than ‘One & Only’, with a chopped-up amen break and deep sub-bass, but it mixes in an array of melodic, spacey effects synonymous with Bukem’s stable of producers.

Most of the older Good Looking / Looking Good material is out of print now, so your best bet is to try and hunt them down on eBay. The label is still running though, and there is a link to a shop on the Good Looking website, but it isn't live just yet.

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