Friday, September 15, 2006

A Wee Revolution

Arab Strap - Revolution

So. Farewell then
Arab Strap
The Last Big Weekend is here.

From the horse’s mouth - “There’s no animosity, no drama – we simply feel we’ve run our course.”

I should post one of their original compositions by way of a send off, but instead I offer you their cover version of Spacemen 3’s ‘Revolution’. It's everything that made them so great.

A crudely programmed drum machine, dissonant guitars and Aidan Moffat’s barely coherent vocal, mumbled down the phone. Suddenly the phone line goes dead and then a chair hits you over the back of the head - simple, effective and wholly original.

It’s not over just yet though. There’s a monster farewell tour of Europe and a compilation, ‘Ten Years of Tears’ (released on 23rd October), initially scheduled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first release, but now acting as a rather neat full stop to their career.

Malcolm Middleton is currently recording his third solo album, due for release next year on Full Time Hobby and Aidan Moffat will continue to record as L. Pierre for Melodic.

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