Saturday, October 07, 2006

bravecaptain IS DEAD

bravecaptain - I Don't Know Any Better
bravecaptain - Every Word You Sound

‘Bye ‘bye Cap’n! Goddamnit! More sad news for lovers of great music as Martin Carr reveals he has decided to bring his wonderful bravecaptain project to an end - for the time being at least. Martin’s been recording under this moniker since the disbandment of the Boo Radley’s back in 1999. The decision is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the website carries the following words –

“Whilst Martin hasn't ruled out recording as bravecaptain again in the future it's clear that there won't be any new solo material in the foreseeable future as Martin frees up time to work on other projects.”

So, it may only be a brief hiatus, or it could be that the fantastic ‘Distractions’ album, which he gave away as a free download from his website earlier on this year, will represent his final recordings as bc. If that is the case, then what a way to go! It’s still available from the bravecaptain website here, so if you haven’t already grabbed it, then do so pronto.

It’s impossible to sum up bravecaptain in mere words or via a couple of tracks, such was the breadth of musical styles he covered during the 6 or so years he was recording. At the heart of it all was the man’s rare ability to craft wonderful, heart-soaring pop songs, but if you add in his love of hip hop, an unmistakeable electronic influence and lots and lots of reckless experimentation, you’ll have some idea of what he was trying to achieve. It wasn’t the Boo Radleys v.2, it was unique, and he never played it safe when he could go out on a limb and try something new. That’s why he’ll be sorely missed, but is also why this writer has a sneaky feeling we haven’t seen the last of Martin Carr. With a talent like his, it’s impossible to stop the songs from flowing. He’ll be back, somewhere, somehow, and we should be ready to welcome him with open arms.

For now, take ‘I Don’t Know Any Better’ from ‘Distractions’ and remember how he created these effortlessly bittersweet love songs that you thought were written just for you. Then listen to 2004’s ‘Every Word You Sound’, and marvel at the ingenuity, from the opening mix of electronics and plucked folk guitars, to the plaintive vocals and then the final section of chiming pianos and the funny, almost medieval clarinet melody - barmy and thrilling.

Tomorrow night (Sunday 8th October) sees bravecaptain playing a farewell gig at the Luminaire in Kilburn - details here. There is a film being made of the gig, which will be released as a DVD in December. The makers of the film have asked anyone attending who fancies saying a few words about bravecaptain, to go to the Black Lion Guest House from about 6pm onwards, where you will be able to have your say! The first band is on at about 7.30pm – there’s four other bands playing short sets, before bravecaptain takes to the stage, with a tear in his eye I shouldn't wonder.

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