Sunday, October 01, 2006

Firing Blanks

Revolver - Venice

A track today from another band that found themselves miscast as players in the shoegazing scene. Revolver were a Winchester three-piece based around the talents of singer-songwriter Mat Flint, who released their first EP on Hut Recordings in 1991, before eventually disbanding after one studio album two years later. The trio focused on crafting songs rather than ethereal soundscapes, concocting catchy indie pop, which reached a peak on the third single, ‘Venice’. The first two EP’s had been hindered by Flint’s weedy vocals, which failed to deliver on the promise of the music, his abject whine completely lacking conviction. ‘Venice’ was a giant step forward for Revolver, a full minute of guitar histrionics and pummelling drums and bass elapse before a confident sounding Flint finally raises his game with an impassioned lead vocal worthy of the majestic instrumental.

The debut album, ‘Cold Water Flat’ was released the following year and there was nothing on it to match the heights they hit with ‘Venice’. It is an ambitious record, packed with guest musicians adding flute, congas, horns, strings and even a didgeridoo! It has it’s moments, but on the whole was an overly elaborate mistake, lacking a coherent band sound and sense of direction. Matt Flint went on to play bass for Death in Vegas and the band never recorded together again.

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