Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The First TWNR Competition

Milieu - Tiffany Lane

I’m a big fan of records in interesting packaging that are released in ridiculously limited quantities. The mere thought that I could be one of only a handful of people in the universe to own a certain object appeals on many different levels. On one hand, it satisfies the collector in me, but on a baser level, they are just nice things to have and to hold. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

The insanely prolific Brian Grainger (he makes Wisp look like a proper slacker), recording under the Milieu alias he has adopted for the past couple of years, has released a wonderful album on the Expanding Electronic Diversity label. ‘Our Blue Rainbow’ is a CDR release, limited to 200 hand-assembled copies only, packaged by David Tagg. It’s hard to explain what it looks like, but follow the link here and all will be revealed. So, yes, the packaging is lovely, but it’s also important that the music be worthy of such an exquisite outer shell, and I’m happy to report that it definitely is. 10 tracks (12 if you count those hidden) of lush, warm, analogue electronica, not a million miles away from Casino vs Japan at his emotive best, or Boards of Canada before they picked up the guitars and lit the campfire. Milieu produces sweet melodies at the same rate the rest of us pass wind and ‘Our Blue Rainbow’ is a rare foray into beat territory, as the majority of his previous output has been ambient. I’ve posted ‘Tiffany Lane’, with its delicate, overlapping melodies and uptempo drum track.

So, seeing as it’s ridiculously limited and by the time this piece goes up there probably won’t be any available in the whole wide world, how do you fancy winning yourself a copy? All you have to do is your answer the question below and I’ll randomly select the winner. The question is:

Can you name two more of Brian Grainger’s solo recording aliases?*

Remember to include your name and full postal address with your entry when you e-mail it to: joe@thewhitenoiserevisited.co.uk. I’ll post the name of the winner on Friday, so please get your answers in before then – good luck!

*(excluding Milieu and his own name of course)

I got my copy from Norman Records. If you don’t fancy your chances of winning the competition and want to get a copy, there’s a slim chance they might still have some left. Follow the link here and keep your fingers crossed. Alternatively, you can always try ordering it from Expanding Electronic Diversity.

Milieu website featuring a full discography and tons of links to download music
Milieu at My Space
Milieu also released an 80-minute self-titled ambient album on Friday 13th October, which is as he puts it, "the truest embodiment of who I am as a musician" - you can download it for free from Experimedia


We have a winner! Thanks to all of you who entered. The person randomly selected to receive a copy of the album was Jon Mooneyham from Oakland, USA. This lovely item will be winging its way to you over the weekend. I'll probably do another competition soon when I can think of something nice to give away.